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About this Plan

Did You Know?

A study published in 2000 by Environment Canada estimated that high levels of smog, known as “extreme visibility events,” could reduce tourism revenues in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley by almost $9 million a year.

  1. Provincial Health Officer’s Annual Report, 2003.

Clean Air – Why Should We Care?

Poor air quality has negative effects on our health, our environment and our economy. Health effects include eye and throat irritation, breathing difficulties, and the aggravation of existing heart and lung conditions. Air pollution can also lead to people taking more medications, visiting their doctor or emergency room more often, being admitted to hospital more often, or even dying prematurely. For example, according to the Provincial Health Officer, outdoor air pollution contributes to as many as 250 premature deaths in our province every year – and increases health care costs by an estimated $85 million1.

Impacts on the environment range from smog in the air, to damaged plant tissues, to the transfer of pollutants from the air to land and water. Economic impacts include potential losses in sectors such as tourism and agriculture. Poor air quality can also limit opportunities for economic growth.