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About this Plan

Did You Know?

Outdoor air pollution takes a greater toll on human life in British Columbia than HIV/AIDS, contributing to as many as 250 deaths every year.

Working Together for a Greener B.C.

This Air Action Plan is part of the provincial government’s broader strategy to lead the world in sustainable environmental management, with the best air and water quality, and the best fisheries management, bar none. The 28 actions outlined here complement the work underway across B.C. to address climate change, improve air quality, protect our water, enhance public transit, improve local planning, and make our province electricity self-sufficient by 2016. This Plan supports the new LiveSmartBC Efficiency Incentive Program by providing additional tools and incentives to help British Columbians make their homes more energy efficient. LiveSmartB.C. encourages us to reduce our carbon footprint by using energy wisely, protecting our water and improving our air quality.

The B.C. Air Action Plan is also supported by initiatives such as ActNow, which encourages healthy lifestyle choices such as walking and cycling.

These examples illustrate the interconnected nature of the various components of a healthy environment, and serve as a reminder that every one of us – including individuals, business, industry, communities, and governments – need to do our part to keep our province clean, green and sustainable.