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Clean Communities

Did You Know?

More airshed management plans have been completed in B.C. in the past five years than in the whole past decade. Plans are now in place in Prince George, Quesnel, Whistler, Williams Lake and the regional districts of Bulkley Valley-Lakes, Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, North Okanagan and Okanangan-Similkameen.

Local and regional governments have developed a range of ways to minimize and manage air pollution. Among these, airshed planning has emerged as a key tool offering, among other things, an opportunity to integrate air quality initiatives with other aspects of community planning. The process is stakeholder-driven and recognizes that every one of us has a role to play in keeping our air, and our communities, clean.

Airshed plans are currently in place in nine communities and regional districts, supporting sustainable growth while protecting human health and the environment. As part of this Air Action Plan, the B.C. government will continue to work with communities to plan for a cleaner future through the following initiatives:

Action #22: Get involved in airshed planning. Airshed planning is a voluntary process that begins with a self-evaluation. Community members consider the specific attributes of their airshed – such as its geographic features, recent air quality trends and expectations for economic growth – and determine whether a full-scale planning process is required.

The provincial government has developed new resources that can help airshed planning, including a Framework for Airshed Planning that sets out the key steps in the process and describes, in detail, what types of government assistance are available. The gorvernment has also developed resources such as the Online Airshed Planning Tool and the Clean Air Toolkit to support effective planning at the regional and community levels.