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Clean Communities

Did You Know?

B.C. is the first province in Canada to pilot a new Air Quality Health Index. Public testing started in 2005 and now involves communities provincewide. The Index will provide information on local air quality, along with tips for reducing air pollution and its health risks. The Index received the Excellence in Health Promotion Award from the BC Medical Association in 2007. For more information, go to

Airshed Planning – Partership in Action

Partnerships are crucial to airshed planning and can take many different shapes and forms from place to place. For example, in developing its plan, Quesnel used a single roundtable of stakeholders drawn from local and provincial government, industry, health agencies and environmental and community groups.

In the Bulkley Valley-Lakes District, which covers a much larger area, a more complex partnership was struck, including one regional and four community working groups reporting to a multi-stakeholder committee. For more on airshed planning, go to

Action #23: Make airshed planning part of community planning. The provincial government is developing a new Smart Planning initiative to support local governments in their ongoing efforts to plan for clean, sustainable, livable communities. The new initiative will bring together issues that are often dealt with separately, and their attendant funding programs, to promote a comprehensive approach to planning that simultaneously addresses energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and local air quality. The $15 million initiative will be implemented over five years and includes funding dedicated to communities.