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Clean Transportation

Did You Know?

Maintenance makes a big difference in how much pollution vehicles create. For example, a newer car that's badly out of tune can produce emissions equivalent to those from several hundred brand new cars. Keeping your car tuned up is one way to reduce your own contributions to air pollution.

Encouraging Cleaner Choices

The choices people make every day have a big impact on local air quality. For example,each time we choose to walk, cycle or take transit instead of driving somewhere, we keepharmful pollutants out of our environment. Given the impact of personal actions, the firstthree initiatives in this plan are designed to encourage cleaner transportation choices.

Action #1: Make green transportation easy and attractive. The government ismaking signifcant investments in public transit, walking and cycling infrastructure, andtargeted PST exemptions which make cleaner choices easier and more accessible for BritishColumbians. The government will continue to explore a number of options, such as taxcredits for bus passes.

Action #2: Maintain the tax break on buying a hybrid-electric vehicle andimplement tax breaks for fuel efficient vehicles. Hybrid-electric vehicles that run on acombination of fossil fuels and electricity generally have a smaller environmental footprintthan conventional vehicles, helping to clear the air and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.In 2005, the government introduced a provincial sales tax rebate for British Columbiansbuying new hybrids. That incentive has been extended to April 1, 2011. It means you couldsave up to $2,000 on a new hybrid. In 2008, the government will also provide a PST reductionfor certain fuel efficient vehicles that meet the fuel efficiency criteria set out in the federalgovernment's current ecoAuto rebate program. The tax reduction is $1000, $1500, and$2000, and is based on the fuel efficiency and vehicle type.

Action #3: Get more old cars off the roads. Currently operating in the Lower Mainland,the Scrap-It program is designed to get older, high-polluting vehicles off our roads. It offers drivers a range of incentives – including cash – to help them switch to cleaner alternatives.For example, under the current program, depending on the age and condition of yourvehicle, if you trade it in to Scrap-It you could receive $2,000 towards transit passes or thepurchase of a zero or very low-emission vehicle, such as a hybrid-electric car; up to $1,000towards a newer low-emission vehicle, including qualifying four-cylinder models; or upto $500 towards a newer, moderate emissions vehicle. The Air Action Plan will continue tosupport the program and help it locate additional funding opportunities and partners inorder to enhance current incentives and expand to other areas of the province. In fact, outof the $28.5 million dedicated to this Air Action Plan, $15 million have been invested in thisprogram. For more on Scrap-It, go to